AC/DC the Head-Banger’s Cure for Covid

There’s too much chaos lately. This Covid Curse is getting the best of us. Everyday the news is worse than last week’s, which we thought was bad at the time. This upsets me. I feel like kicking someone’s *ss, but don’t know who. It’s hard to kick the *ss of an invisible enemy, the primitive savage virus from Hell.

I sensed I needed a little direction. My prescription? Rock and Roll.

While looking up something about AC/DC’s possible resurrection, I came upon “Rock or Bust”. While watching it I realized only afterwards, it was made in 2015!

That’s the thing about AC/DC, they’re consistentThey never change. What we hear from Washington is never consistent! Some previously uncharted region in my brain has made the connection that you can trust rock, but not your own government!

In Rock we Trust. We should mint Bitcoins that say this, with AC/DC stamped on the reverse.

And when you listen to AC/Dc’s pounding beat, it actually takes you somewhere! For a human on lock-down who’s been nowhere for over six months that’s a plus. They call this beat driving for a reason. The only place our people in power drive us is crazy and around in circles.

In addition, the message you get from AC/DC is truthful! It makes the latest news from the White House seem suspect. Suspect of what? Everything but good. AC/DC shoot straight from the hip! They’re a no-nonsense band. Like Gibraltar, they’ve been around a long time. Instead of lying to get reelected, they get respected.

So, besides a little whiplash later, I feel better!

P.S. this song it so good, even professional Head-Bangers with light-up horns on their heads with suffer whiplash and need SalonPass.

SalonPass-please send me a dollar. I just endorsed your product on social media, even if nobody reads this, that’s got to be worth something.

©StevenHunley2020 AC/DC Rock or Bust

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