Run to You

Run to You

Just lately I’ve been running to you. I don’t know what’s come over me. Is it a new depth to our feelings, a new viewpoint for my contemplation of the eternal cosmic dance? I can’t get my mind off of anything but you. Maybe it’s the trials, maybe it’s the tribulations, or the threat of imminent death when you’re time is nearly up.

There’s my job to think of. Right now, my job makes no difference. I find myself edgy, impatient, and mean-spirited. I spend my days longing. I can’t get you out of my mind. Your image is my obsession. If I had another woman I would dump her. I’d find a reason. Men always have their reasons. You’re my reason now, and for the rest of my life, my final and most important reason.

So I run to you.

It may be raining. Rain makes no difference. A blizzard will not deter me, or the strongest typhoon. I’ll be by your side come Hell or high water. I’ll travel untold miles and not count them, they mean nothing. I’ll talk for hours on the phone and think its mere minutes. I’ll mail thousands of e-mails, literally thousands of e-mails, even though we live together. I thirst for the sound of your voice with its own particular music. I’ll search for your Chanel lipstick prints on your Daiso Monkey stationary and adore them, knowing your mouth is just the right size for truly passionate kissing. I’m hooked and I know it. A man knows when he can’t get enough, when it gnaws at him like an empty stomach, and growls like an angry hungry lion in heat. It never stops. It never lets up. It’s a bad case this time, the worst case ever. A chronic case of wanting a woman has stricken me. I am convinced  I’m suffering, so I suffer like crazy.

I have heart-aches and fever and am convinced that you, only you, have the permanent cure. It’s inescapable. It’s more than that. I’ve found my Bashert. Your vibrant coconut eyes surrounded by tranquil green lagoons are the only ones worth looking into, for a man who wants to envision both heaven and hell in one lifetime, understand suffering, experience ecstasy, and live among the softer angels.

So I run to you.


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