California Phone Call

California Phone Call

“I just got out of the shower. Almost missed your call. I’m so excited.”

Towel gets thrown on the floor in a soppy heap.

“What will I be wearing? Same ol same ol jeans and my black Hawaiian shirt. Got it in Tahiti ya know.”

Haines and 501’s get pulled on real quick.

“Of course not, not really. Got it at Ross. All women love it. Especially you. Yeah, the one I posted.”

Belt loops get threaded as fast as Jean Claude Françoise on the downhill.

“Yes, the picture’s that recent. See the copy of the Press-Telegram on the bed? Blow it up, see the details? Got it? See the date? That’s right. Last month.”

A look in the mirror. Docker’s leather belt fit over the anchor. Reeboks slipped on and tied. Polo Blue spashed in varied appropriate locations. Vent-brush drug over the noggin.

Close-up inspection. Detail by detail, top to bottom, back to belly.

“My hair will be different, it’s still damp. It’s all salt-and pepper now, in my profile shot it’s all salty. You know, Salton Sea salty.

Californian too, she understood. You couldn’t hear what she said, no, no, you can never hear what she says! That’s just how I wrote it. Yeah, call it experimental literature if that’s what floats your boat.

“So yeah, like George Clooney. Exactly like George Clooney but with a different face. Yes, I know my jaw’s just as square! OK, Honey, so George Clooney with my nose.”

Glad he’d used the coconut and strawberry shampoo.

“What’s that? There’s a Hawaii Five-O convention there too? Same hotel? Same hotel as our Midnight-Rendezvous? Jack Lord’s gonna be there? Russ Tamblin too? Kimo? Oh Jesus! Plenty of Hawaiian shirts then. I’ll wear a red carnation.”

“That’s it. Look for George Clooney with my nose, wearing a red carnation.”

“OK. Sure I’m excited. Honey, Babygirl, I couldn’t be any more excited. I’m brimming-over with excitement. Yes.”

“Wear the dress will ya? The one you look so cute in, the Galindo. You know the one.”

Happy he was old enough to remember Hawaiian Eye with Connie Stevens.
Six o’clock BBC World News comes on with a vengeance only the native inhabitants of small island nations can appreciate.

“Half an hour. My God, you’re right! I’ll be there in a heart-beat.”

It’s suddenly D-day, it’s Troy, it’s time go to out and jump in the car, and get ready to rock her world, time to throttle-down.

A last look in the mirror. The damp hair is salt and pepper and curly. It’s cinematic perfection! Praise Jesus and by the beard of the Profit , we have the old George Clooney-Sam Elliot-Tom Selleck combination going on. What woman with her estrogen raging could resist?

“Bring your camera. Why? We’re gonna record history and preserve the ephemeral.”

The phone hangs up.

©Steven Hunley 2013 Hawaiian Eye Hawaii Five O Magnum PI Midnight Rendezvous-The Babys Galindo

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