Heart to Heart

Then my Dumb Phone went off. Celestial news I wanted to hear. Barb announced she was pulling up in the driveway. I get to see her pull up in a California driveway in a pure white car just like in a movie! It will be in the moonlight too! A dark-haired beauty opens the door of a snowy-white car, bathed in amber moonlight, and chrome reflects her virtue. How romantic is that? That’s one of the forty-two thousand and sixty-five reasons I love her. She’s romantic in the finest sense. I’m one at heart too. Heart to Heart, like Kenny Loggins.

Sometimes we find ourselves out of place in the modern world, racing here and there. We are the only ones who will listen to each other and calm our acts down. Day by day, with love and caring, calmness and affection, we add to each other’s lives. We actually add to the quantity and the quality of the days we have left. Life is a one-time shot. Live it large and loving. Heart to Heart.

When I meet her in the driveway we hug and kiss.

“Did you miss me?” Barb smiles, because she already knows the answer.

‘Oh, not very much.” I say glibly, and glom onto her like Gorilla Glue, like white on rice, like a fool for her wild crazy love.

‘But wait a minute,’ I figure. ‘I’m supposed to be stoic and all. Even if I can’t wait to get at her. Do I really need this?”

I gave Barb the once over, up and down, head to toe. Oh Jeez. I really need this. But I must appear to be cool. I’ll say nothing. No laying my cards on the table, no heart pinned on my sleeve, the strong silent type. Women always go for the strong silent types, Hollywood says so, and so did the doppelgänger voice in the drain.

I love every inch of her, head to toe. But I’m Joe Cool, I’m John Wayne, I’m Arnold the Governator, for goodness sakes. I regain my aplomb. I release her and go for her American Tourister baggage instead.

I’m determined to spend my passion on two over-packed pieces of American Tourister, they’re much less dangerous, so I head straight for the trunk and looking as muscular as possible, give her bags the old heave-ho. I’ll show her what a real independent man looks like. I’ll display my elephant strength!

I’ll demonstrate what stoic means, like I’m one of the Three Hundred Spartans at Thermopolis.

https://youtu.be/lGBLh2iqsZw  Heart to Heart

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