Black Bird

Black Bird

“And with all your flaws… I still love you.”

You know, I heard some good things in my life, and this topped them all. So what should I do? Just then a black bird flew down and sat on the table right next to her. She didn’t see it, but I did, and it was showing no fear. I told her to look, and she turned just in time to see him take off.

Funny how an animal can read clues from another species, figure them out in a millisecond and know in a flash if they’re safe to approach.

I wasn’t about to let a silly bird show me up, but it took me a second longer to react. I leaned nearer, pushed an errant lock of coal-dark hair from her chocolate-brown eyes, and gave her a hug and kiss.

And for a second, just for a celestial second, time stood still.  Black Bird

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