Is Music Really Like This?

Is music really like this ?

I’d like to know if I’m going overboard with this piece. I often go overboard with my pieces.

Eddie, totally conscious now, surveyed his surroundings. There were two rows of beds against either wall, cast-iron old-school hospital beds painted white. The ceiling was high, and on his side there was nothing but walls with lights attached at intervals and fixtures for curtains to divide the beds. But on the opposite wall there were curtained windows, and the short nurse was opening them now, starting at one end, and working her way to the other. She would set up a stool, climb up, and crank open each window. Now that the curtains were drawn, Eddie could see a flower garden, an open area for the patients. There were a few already there, taking walks, some on crutches, and even one feeding scruffy pigeons. On the far side was a building. It must have been a music conservatory, because he could barely hear music, orchestral music, from its direction.

An old bearded gentleman in the next bed said, “Hear that? It’s Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto and the second movement, if I’m not mistaken.”

Eddie heard it more distinctly now, perhaps the direction of the wind changed, and it may have, the curtains were moving.

“Is that it?” said Eddie, “I think I’ve heard it before.”

“I’m sure of it,” he answered, “It’s one of my favorite pieces.” The man grew reflective. “People here think musicians that speak Croatian, like Haydn for instance, can only be the best composers. But it is my considered opinion that even a Russian can possess a great soul and understanding. Rimsky Korsakov and Rachmaninoff are my proof.”

“And you are from here?”

“Yes, born in Zagreb! A patriot too! But I also possess a clear head. Music, my friend, is bigger than theories and politics and petty political parties. They only cause divisions among men. Music unties, it’s just the opposite. It cuts across all borders, but never threatens, instead, it persuades. It favors no particular language, and speaks to every one of us equally. Just listen to this piece; even an American from thousands of miles away can understand it.”

copywrite Steven Hunley 2013 Rachmaninoff

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